18 karats yellow gold heart chain necklace 45cm / 70cm

¥25,000¥37,000 税抜

18 karats yellow gold heart chain necklace

Material: 18 karats Yellow Gold
Length : 45cm / 70cm

18 karats heart chain that is linked one by one.
Comparing to the mini-heart item, these hearts are slightly bigger.
Slightly bigger than the mini-heart version produces cuteness and elegance on the chest.

All chains and pulling eyes use 18 karats Yellow Gold resistant to discolouration.

The pulling eye can be fixed on any level of the heart,
so the length can be easily adjusted.

About the length of the chain
As option, you can select 45cm or 70cm(37,000JPY)

Also available The cute shape of a small heart (18 karats yellow gold mini-heart chain)
>>18 karats yellow gold mini-heart chain


Additional information


45cm, 75cm


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