How to use aroma accessory

Using a dropper, apply a few drops of your favorite aroma oil or perfume into our accessory from the top opening.
Body heat or sun light warms the accessory when worn, providing an aroma for half to the whole day.
Using our accessories results in less risk of allergy or other problems as oil is not applied to the skin itself, allowing you to wear the scent like clothing anytime you want and according to the occasion.
Their spill-resistant shape makes our accessories both an item for daily-life item and washable.
Use dishwashing soap, fermented ethanol, or ethanol to washing them.
Please avoid applying too much oil. Please do not wear when playing sports.
Use the special dropper (sold separately) for easy application of oil and washing.

What is an aroma accessory?

It’s an accessory that cover yourself with a faint scent. The smell will evaporate naturally from your body temperature. (1drop of oil will last 1/2-1 day)

How do you use it?

Put 1-2 drops of perfume or aroma oil from the top hole. It is easy to handle if you have a tapered dropper.

Does it spill?

One or two drops do not overflow usually. Do not overfill with oil or lie yourself sideways with the accessory on.

Does it crack or break?

Light and durable hard glass for jewelry is used.

If I want to change the oil, can I wash it?

You may wash using anhydrous ethanol (sold separately for 500JPY). Using a tapered dropper can easily wash the accessory and the dropper itself. It can also be cleaned with dishwashing detergents.

【Cleaning method using ethanol】

The anhydrous ethanol from Tabinokiseki is a vegetable anhydrous ethanol derived from sugar cane. It can be used to dilute and clean from aroma oil.
When you want to change the smell, the regular maintenance is required.
anhydrous ethanol page

Use the handy tapered dropper to put the aroma oil or for cleaning.
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