Online customer liaison service

・I want to visually compare my selection of your accessories.
・I want to discuss with your staff about my selection.
・I would like an original fashion accessory by selecting elements and natural stones by myself.
・I want to buy an accessory gift for someone of opposite sex, but I don't know what to choose...

For people like the above cases, we have started an "online customer liaison service" that allows you to easily select your required fashion accessories using Zoom at home or anywhere else.

Our staff will support you in selecting the best fashion accessory that suits you.

Please feel free to contact us..

Flow of our online customer liaison service

1. Please send the request date and time by making enquiry on our website contact page or by e-mail.
2. As far as your booking can be confirmed, we will send you the Zoom ID via Tabinokiseki email.
3. Start online customer liaison service on Zoom on your confirmed date and time.
The duration of this liaison service is up to 40 minutes per person
4. After deciding your fashion accessory, our staff will explain to you the payment method.
5. After the payment is completed, your ordered item will be shipped.

* As far as the item is in stock, it will be shipped within 7 business days after the payment is completed.Please contact us if you are in a hurry.

About booking

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For enquiry: click here

If you make a booking by email, please input the title and text as follows.

Online customer liaison service reservation

【Content of the email】
Request dates: First choice, second choice
Request times: First choice, second choice
Your name:
Your telephone number:

* Please indicate multiple request dates and times as it may not be available due to the shop's and staff's situation or the same timing may be confirmed from another client.
* The mornings of weekdays are relatively available. Please note, we may refuse on weekends and national holidays.
* You can make a reservation by phone, however your email details are required to use Zoom.
* Please make settings so that you can receive emails from
* In rare cases, emails from Tabinokiseki may be placed in your junk email folder.