Cocoro aroma necklace (18 karats yellow gold)

¥40,700 税込

Cocoro aroma necklace (18karats yellow gold)

Always have a happy heart

Heart shaped aroma necklace combined with 18 karats yellow gold adjustable chain.
A necklace that combines loveliness and elegance.

Height : About 1.7cm
DIameter : 1.5 cm

Weight (whole item including the chain and top)
About 8g

18 karats yellow gold adjustable chain
– maximum 45 cm (you may adjust the length freely)

The material used is borosilicate glass which is lighter and stronger than conventional glass and has high transparency.
With a few drops of your favorite essential oil or perfume in the top hole,
it will faintly smell your aroma when you wear it.

※ Price on 18 karats yellow gold and platinum may vary depending on metal price index.

You can choose from 11 colors

Please choose your favourite colour from the option menu.

Heart aroma necklace colour classification

※ The lavender colour may look pinkish purple with natural or incandescent lights, and bluish purple with fluorescent lights.This colour variation depends on the wavelength of light and there is no problem with the quality. So please enjoy each colour change.

★ 1 dropper is offered to the customer ordering at the on-line shop ★
An easy-to-use dropper with a thin tip.
※ One dropper offered per item.

The gift dropper is this one.
Gift dropper
※ The specification of the dropper may be changed.

-How to use aroma accessories-

1.Use the oil dropper, suck out a small amount from the bottle of perfume or aroma oil.
2.From aroma accessory, put 1-2 drops from the top hole.

How to use Heart Aroma Necklace

※ 1 drop of oil will last about ½ day
※ The hole is small, please be careful not to spill.

-About the production-
Each item is handmade one by one, so the size, colour and shape may differ slightly from those in the picture.
Please note that there are also individual differences in the shape of the heart.

Air bubbles and lines may be seen inside the glass, this is caused by the nature of the glass during the production. There is no problem with the quality.
Please enjoy the uniqueness of handmade work.

★ We also have gift case (800 yen excluding tax) available and ideal for a present.
Please put in the cart from the gift case of the category.

※ The sender will be named Tabinokiseki.


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clear, red, Blue, green, amber, pink, lavender, yellow, Teal blue, red x red, blue x blue


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