Cocoro aroma necklace (SV925 nickel free rhodium plated cut)

¥13,200 税込

Cocoro aroma necklace (SV925 nickel free rhodium plated cut)

Always have a happy heart

Heart shaped aroma necklace combined with SV925 nickel-free rhodium plated cut adjustable chain.
With a motif of pretty heart, the adjustable chain with cut rhodium-plated makes a combination of cool and delicate impression.

It is a popular rhodium-plated cut type that is less likely to discolour than regular silver.
The cut on the surface of the chain reflects and shines on the lights.
Not only the price is affordable, but it also creates attractiveness on your chest in a gorgeous occasion.

Low-allergic nickel-free (99.9% or more) rhodium-plated on the chain.
(stainless steel is used on the small ring)

Height : about 1.7 cm
Diameter : about 1.5 cm

Weight (whole item including the chain and top)
about 8g

SV925 nickel-free cut rhodium plated adjustable chain Up to 45cm (can be freely adjusted)
– maximum 45 cm (you may adjust the length freely)

The material used is borosilicate glass which is lighter and stronger than conventional glass and has high transparency.
With a few drops of your favorite essential oil or perfume in the top hole,
it will faintly smell your aroma when you wear it.

You can select from 11 types of colors.

Choose your favorite color from the option menu.

Additional information


clear, red, Blue, green, amber, pink, lavender, yellow, Teal blue, red x red, blue x blue


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