Moon aroma piercing chain K10YG (10 karats yellow gold)

¥26,400 税込

Moon aroma accessory series 10 karats yellow gold chain piercing with Image of a mysterious moon floating in the moonlight.

Every time you shake your ear, the brilliance of opal and aroma scent floating in the glass.

10 karats yellow gold is with cuts, whenever it shakes in the ear, it shines.
This chain is thinner than 14 karats GF and is recommended for those with smaller holes.
※The opal used does not lose its radiance even on high temperature, its a reproduced synthetic opal radiance.

Glass part
Height : about 1.3 cm
Diameter : About 0.9 cm

whole item including the piercing part and the top.
about 2 g

The material used is borosilicate glass which is lighter and stronger than conventional glass and has high transparency.
With a few drops of your favorite essential oil or perfume in the top hole,
it will faintly smell your aroma when you wear it.


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